About Knight Park 

Collingswood is unique among suburban municipalities in New Jersey in that the center of our borough is a beautiful, approximately 70 acre park dedicated to its residents. Given by Edward C. Knight in 1888, the park has long been enjoyed not only as a great venue for sports activities from high school through Little League and recreational leagues, but also as a natural area of beauty for passive recreation.  

The park features athletic fields, a walking and biking path, pond, and playground area. In addition, the park boasts a pavilion often used by residents for birthday parties and a picturesque gazebo used for wedding ceremonies and photos. 

Unforgettable memories have been experienced in this park: young athletes learning their sports and team building skills, children merrily playing on the fields, adults poignantly taking their wedding pictures, and people of all ages coming together in the community for events such as a concert or movie.

  • The Park is open sunrise to sunset 7 days a week (The park is open 7 days a week, however road access is limited on Sundays so please follow posted rules). 
  •  There is no alcohol permitted at any time. 
  • Permits are required for ALL organized activities, events and personal celebrations. 

The park is governed by the Knight Park Board of Trustees, who are committed to the enhancement and continued preservation of the park. Through the generosity of grants and private donors, the trustees fund the majority of park maintenance and improvements, keeping Knight Park easily accessible and a great place to connect with nature and the community. 


Michael Brennan, President

Bernard Beals

Phyllis Detwiler

Robert Hastings

Hope Kilgannon 

James Perrin

Robert Rodriguez